Who's the best guesser?

This is the all-time scoreboard listing everyone who made at least a single prediction for a match so far.

The less people got a correct guess on a match, the more points are awarded for it:
  • Max. 100 points can be earned per match.
  • The actual value is determined by how far your prediction was "better" than the overall predictions of other users:
    • Predictions are grouped in 3 categories: Perfect guess, correct winner only, and completely wrong.
    • The percentage of predictions below your group determines how many points you are awarded.
  • Examples:
    • If 25% of the users made a perfect prediction, they are each awarded 75 pts.
    • If another 25% of the users at least guessed the correct winner, they each get 50 pts, as 50% of the users were completely wrong.
    • On the other hand, if everyone got at least the correct winner, no points are awarded for that.
    • If everyone got at least the correct winner, but only one got the cap result right, he/she will get 100 pts.
  • A score of X means that your prediction was better than X% of all predictions on that match.
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